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One Thousand Character Classic (Sokpong Cheyaek)


This edition was printed by engraving on woodblock by renowned calligrapher, Master Han Ho of the Joseon Dynasty. This book is comprised of 250 phrases composed by Zhou Xingsi with large characters written by Han Ho. 

Source: Yi, K., Pong, S., Ch'oe, Y., Ch'a, M., Ch'oe, C., Chŏng, U., . . . Mulroy, K. (n.d.). Miguk K'ŭlleŏmont'ŭ Taehak Tosŏgwan sojang Maekk'omik K'ŏlleksyŏn Han'guk munhwajae = Frederick McCormick Collection of the Special Collections in the Claremont Colleges Library.